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Michelle and 4 month old Risky


I would like to introduce you to Sky Acres Kennel and the Belgian Tervuren breed.  I have had the honor and privilege of owning Tervuren since 1984 and have had German Shepherds all my life.  If you have any questions regarding Tervuren and/or my dogs specifically, please feel welcome to contact me. Email is preferred for first contact:

Michelle Edling ~ The Dalles, Oregon ~ 541.298.1085
 Michelle Edling ~ Breeder/Owner/Handler ~ AKC's 2009 Herding Group Breeder of the Year ~ AKC Breeder Of Merit ~ Sky Acres Belgian Tervuren, Registered
Michelle has been showing dogs since 1973 and breeding dogs since 1982.


Mission Statement

My goal is to produce structurally, physically, and mentally sound Tervuren.  Temperament and health are of the utmost importance to me, combined with sound structure.  I continue to try to refine and improve the overall "type" of my dogs, but will not compromise the "Total Tervuren."  Experienced, conscientious breeders never lose sight of the breed standard which is the "blue print" for the Belgian Tervuren.  Not all Tervuren look alike.  I encourage you to look at the various "styles" and decide what you find most attractive.

Follow the links on this website for photos of my dogs, general information, and plans for the future.


The Belgian Tervuren
The Belgian Tervuren embodies the essence of what it means to be a "herding dog." They are attentive and loving companions and like to be treated as part of the family. They may be protective or friendly depending on which behavior is encouraged. They learn quickly and easily. They need activity and stimulation or they will entertain themselves! They should be confined when left unattended.

The Tervuren's energy level can range from busy or high drive to more calm and mellow. Also know that some dogs can be independent, spooky or timid, bull-headed, and even aggressive. Temperament and energy level varies in the Tervuren depending on the dog's breeder and the dog's breeding. My dogs are happy, loving and devoted, learn quickly and take correction well. Their energy level is very "livable".

I encourage you to seek the temperament that best fits your life-style and expectations.

Health Concerns

The Tervuren is a relatively healthy breed with Cancer and Epilepsy being two of its biggest concerns.  This should not scare you from the breed but you should certainly be aware of it and cautious when considering this breed and talking to breeders.  Ask them about the incidence of cancer and seizure-activity in their dogs and related lines.  Canine Allergies are also on the rise in both mixed-breeds and pure-breeds, and Belgians are not an exception. 

Also, particularly in breeding animals, four health checks should be performed:  Hips, Elbows, Eyes and Thyroid.  Hips should be rated by the OFA; excellent, good, and fair being acceptable ratings.  Elbows are also evaluated by OFA.  Eyes should be examined yearly by an ophthamalogist.  And a full Thyroid panel should be assessed at least once.  So far neither hip/elbow dysplasia or cataracts/PRA are major problems in the breed.

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