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BIS/MBISS CH Sky Acres Piper Aerostar and Bronze Sculpture

Success Is A Journey

Sky Acres has been home to many of the breed's
Top Winning Dogs since our first Tervuren in 1984.

~ Celebrating 33 Years! ~


 Michelle Edling ~ AKC's 2009 Herding Group Breeder of the Year ~ AKC Breeder Of Merit



1985-1988 ~ Top 5 Belgian Tervuren
1989 ~ #1 Belgian Tervuren (All-Breed)
MBIS/MBISS/MSelect Am/Can CH. Snowflower’s Skyy Chateau, Am CDX, Can CD, HIC, C/O/P-BAR

1990-1996 ~ #1 Belgian Tervuren (All-Systems)
Top Ten Herding Dog & Pedigree Award Winner
MBIS/MBISS/MSelect Am/Can CH. Sky Acres Chaz de Snowflower, CD, HIC, C/O/P-BAR

1997-1998 ~ #1 Belgian Tervuren (All-Systems)
Top Ten Herding Dog & Pedigree Award Winner
MBIS/MBISS/Select CH. Sky Acres Cappuccino

1999-2000 ~ #1 Belgian Tervuren (Breed)
1999 ~ ABTC National Specialty BOB Winner & Pedigree Award Winner
MBISS/MSelect Am/Can CH. Starwind’s Indiana Jones, C-BAR

2002-2003 ~ #1 Belgian Tervuren (All-Systems/Breed)
2001 ~ #3 Belgian Tervuren (All-Breed) & #4 (Breed) ~ limited showing
BIS/BISS/Select CH. Shumaker Hill’s Desperado

2004 ~ #2 Belgian Tervuren (Breed, only shown once)
2004 ~ ABTC National Specialty BOB Winner
MBISS CH. Sky Acres Piper Pawnee

2005-2006 ~ #1 Belgian Tervuren (All-Systems)
2004 ~ #2 Belgian Tervuren (All-Breed)
2008 ~ ABTC National Specialty BOB Winner, #2 Belgian Tervuren (Breed, only shown once)
BIS/MBISS/MSelect CH. Sky Acres Piper Aerostar

2007-2010 ~ #1 Belgian Tervuren (All-Systems)
2007-2010 ~ Top Ten Herding Dog
2009 ~ ABTC National Specialty BOB Winner
MBIS/MBISS/MSelect GCH. CH. Sky Acres Spy Plane
2011-2013 ~ #1 Belgian Tervuren (All-Systems)
Top Winning Tervuren Bitch of All Time
Only Terv Bitch to be #1 in the History of the Breed
MBIS/MBISS/MSelect Gold GCH. CH. Sky Acres Flying Solo
2014-2019 ~ #1 Belgian Tervuren (All-Systems)
Multiple BIS and Multiple BISS Winner
Holds breed record for the most Regional Specialty BOB wins 
MBIS/MBISS Platinum GCH. CH. Sky Acres Maximum Altitude

Top Winning Bitch
GCH. CH. Sky Acres Flying Solo

Three Generations AOM: Chaz, Skyy, Cherry

Three Generations CH: Colby, Cherry, Aero

National Specialty BISS CH Starwind's Indiana Jones

National Specialty BISS Winners: MBISS Piper, BIS/MBISS Aero
BIS/BISS CH Sky Acres Spy Plane

BIS/BISS Sire & Son: Skyy & Chaz

BIS/BISS CH Shumaker Hill's Desperado

Three Generations CH: Chaz, Jetz, Cherry

BIS/BISS/Select CH Spy, CH Risky (puppy), BIS/BISS/Select CH Aero